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HTC EVO 4G and EVO Design 4G Getting Software Updates

Sprint is currently pushing out software updates for the HTC EVO 4G and the EVO Design 4G. The update for the HTC EVO 4G is similar to the one offered for the HTC…


Buy Call of Duty MW3 at Best Buy, Pick Free HTC Smartphone

Best Buy’s working hard to make people change their stereotypes concerning alternatives for purchasing smartphones. That’s why the big box retailer is spending $25 million this holiday season to make the public become…


HTC Devices Getting Official Security Updates

The last month’s been full of various security bugs for several Android devices from HTC. The case is that some of the apps were getting access to the personal data without any authorization….


Sprint HTC EVO Design 4G – Another Leaked Shot

We’ve heard about the HTC EVO Design 4G with at least three names, that is HTC Kingdom, HTC Hero S and the actual name. That’s why we cannot be sure what will be…


Best Buy Exclusive Offer: Purple HTC EVO 3D

Those who are looking for exclusive devices in interesting colors are most likely not that excited with the white HTC EVO 3D offer from Radio Shack. A white smartphone isn’t that unique after…


HTC Evo 4G Gets Minor Update With Many Improvements

Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G is the best-selling Android smartphone, this is why the carrier decided to push out a minor update for this handset to fix some bugs. The Evo 4G is the…


HTC Kindgom Available from Sprint as HTC EVO Design 4G

The HTC Kingdom is finally released via Sprint as the HTC Evo Design 4G. Alltel’s version of the device will be available as the HTC Acquire. The rumors about the handset have been…

White HTC Evo 3D

White HTC Evo 3D Coming via RadioShack on September 9

The HTC Evo 3D, one of the latest and the most popular devices of HTC, is now going to be released in a white housing exclusively via RadioShack. When the phone was announced…


Gingerbread ROM Leaked for HTC Thunderbolt

The HTC Thunderbolt is the most powerful and most expensive smartphone of the company. Though many people may disagree with me saying the HTC Evo 4G launched via Sprint is the same handset,…


HTC Evo 4G is Best Selling Android Smartphone in Q2

NPD Group made a research to find out which smartphone is the best selling one in Q2. Though Apple’s two products are on the first positions, we must bow before HTC with its…

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