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HTC To Hit T-Mobile, Sprint and AT & T On The 22nd Of March

The HTC One that was earlier rumored to sport the name of M7 is all set to make its entry on three major phone carriers on the 22nd of March. This mobile handset is expected to make its launch on the 14th of February at the Mobile World Congress 2013. This launch is all set to take place at a secret location that has not been revealed as of now for the event. The news of the name change came recently.


There are two other HTC smartphones named the M4 and HTC G2 have been leaked on the internet last week but they are not expected to make their launch till the HTC One hits the market. The Company also stated that the name change also makes a lot of sense as it has plans to focus on the one Hero device every year. There is one scenario that mobile enthusiasts will witness and that is a new business strategy by the company. There will be a business strategy where the Company will release a” One” device once every year just like the iphone of Apple.

The above business strategy and plans will permit the company to emphasize on its design expertise and relevant marketing efforts behind a single device and subsequently push it. This will save the company from making several attempts to push different kinds of handsets in the market.

Phone House-the French retailer has recently listed the device as the HTC M7 in its catalogue. It displays a complete 4.7 inch Full HD Display with a 13MP camera and this more or less sounds like the HTC Sense 5 in most cases. This device has a storage space of 32GB and it supports 4G, NFC and Beats Audio. These features and the device have been priced at 649 euros that comes to approximately to £560 in the UK.

Mobile enthusiasts are also waiting to witness a radically improved Sense UI that sports a 1080p display. There is also a cool camera technology besides the presence of the 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro along with 2GB Ram and a chip that is a Adreno 320 chip one. It has been rumored that this phone will be available in two colors – black or white/silver. The device will also be available in the versions of 32GB and 64GB. The former device can be purchased with a standard $199 contract while the latter will sell for $299.

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