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The latest offering from HTC to challenge Apple and Samsung will be on sale in UK and USA. The smartphone market is a very competitive market in the present times and it is here that this Taiwanese Company will confront its rivals with this smartphone.


The HTC One is expected to retail in the market for the price of £69.99 on £35 for contracts that are monthly in nature. This device is expected to be a flagship device of the Company and it will have just a few weeks to prove its mettle and overtake its rivals. In the next few weeks Samsung also releases its widely anticipated S4.

The key features in this phone also includes am upgraded camera that is called the “Ultrapixel”. This claims to capture more light significantly than its rivals. The device also has a remote control that has been built in for the operation of televisions and other equipment for entertainment.

The HTC One also has a complete aluminum design along with an improved screen and stereo speakers. This is a phone that provides 468 pixels per inch when compared to the S3’s 306 ppi. There is also a brand new interface that is called BlinkFeed.

BlinkFeed has the target to integrate the new choices of users and feeds by social networks along with the operating system of Android. HTC was also an early beneficiary of the smartphone boom in the West and it has been seen its vital share in the market eroded by competition that is more potent and stronger. The company has faced its toughest competition from Samsung.

Now Samsung is leading the Android market and HTC needs to buck up to over take the popularity of the phones that have marketed by Samsung in the present times.

There have been reports by HTC that its first quarter revenues have the chances of dipping by 17 percent when compared to the previous some months back. This has been predicted by some analytics and this is indeed bad news for the company. There is worse news in the case that profit margins have fallen almost nil. This means the Company has to make sincere efforts to make its presence felt in the market.

HTC now has the onus of making customers happy with its new genre of mobiles. It has to give mobile enthusiasts the credibility they are looking for to boost up their sales and profits with success!

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