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With New Mod HTC Sensation Pushed to New Level

As always, XDA Developers are making an offer that cannot be ignored. Moreover, the mod they have developed is what users need. So if you are a lucky HTC Sensation 4G smartphone owner, you must know your phone can take snaps at a better quality. With NODO-GT’s camera mod called HQ Camera for ICS your HTC Sensation 4G has turned into a cameraphone.

The mod does away with compression on .jpgs and increases the allowed data size of images. As a result, the photos are sharper and cleaner. But the improvements refer not only to the photos. Now you can record 1080p videos at 20Mbps. The 720p videos are recorded at 40Mbps, while there is also an experimental 1250 ISO mode.

This is actually one of the best mods we have ever seen. A look at the sample photos taken with a “simple” HTC Sensation 4G and an improved one is enough to say which one of them comes from the modded camera app. So I highly recommend that you download the app and make your phone more useful.

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