Windows Phone Custom ROMs for HTC Titan and Radar Coming

Android-powered smartphone users are in beneficial positions when it comes to customizing. This term does not always sound positive as developers and geeks often go far and break everything in the source code. But rooting Android devices is very popular nowadays because smartphone makers and carriers don’t push out software updates for every device and their owners have to go for such methods to bring novelties to their handsets.

In this sense, Windows Phone-flavored smartphone owners have been suffering too much because it’s more difficult to root the code and bring custom ROMs for them. Although we can’t say the same thing about the first generation WP handsets, the so called Gen 2 devices like the HTC Titan and the Radar have yet not got such an opportunity. This “mistake” will be corrected in the near future as one of famous “code crackers” dubbed Cotulla (@CotullaCode) has recently tweeted that “DFT team is working under ability to flash custom ROMs for Omegenka and Titanchik.”

The community Cotulla works in, the Dark Forces Team (DFT) is currently working on the custom ROMs for the Titan and the Radar, and though there are still no alpha builds for them, it promises to bring them in coming weeks. It’s a reliable source. Earlier they have made custom ROMs for Samsung devices and they were very popular with Samsung users. HTC fans should trust them too as their ROMs were successfully installed on the first generation HD2 and HD7, so they have an experience of rooting HTC smartphones as well.

DFT has neither announced any exact launch date for WP custom ROMs, nor we know at which phase the works are, but regardless of all that we’ll follow them and let you know as soon as new information regarding the ROMs is available.

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  1. I love them! Try your best DFT.

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