Windows 95 and Windows 98 On HTC HD2

Is there anybody who does not agree with the idea that HTC HD2 must receive the title of the most experimental device. Just get this- the enthusiasts got a chance to update its original Windows Phone 6.5 with Android OS, then with an test version of WP7. What else is there to test with?

Well, this time the enthusiasts got a chance to put Windows 95 and Windows 98 on the smartphone. After a long period of testing there was a chance to get the stuff working on the device.

Hope that soon you’ll get a chance to witness the full new pack of Windows XP working on this awesome smartphone.

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  1. Windows XP has been ported to the HTC HD2, as demonstrated on some video on YouTube. nnNow, if it can run XP, 98 and 95, surely it can run 7, ME, 2000, 3.1, 2.0 and 1.0. Well, let’s hope the brilliant ROM chefs get cracking on that. 😀

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