Windows 8 Blurs Lines Between Phones And PCs

When we saw Windows 8’s first pictures on the net, we understood where the idea and the motives of Windows Phone 7 came from. Windows 8 also doesn’t have the main panel, icons and other things that were usual for us; only widgets that can be scrolled back and forth.

Of course, to many of us this concept seems unusual and maybe a bit uncomfortable, but this is Microsoft’s new stage of development, and maybe soon other companies and software developers will also adopt this idea for their operating systems.

It seems like Microsoft has decided to reconsider their views on such concepts as “user interface,” and Windows Phone 7 is the first completely successful experience in this field. Changing the interface completely was a pretty bold move by Microsoft, even though the company has constantly been improving the interface of its products.

Anyway, Microsoft continues to improve its both mobile and PC products and make them more and more similar. And HTC in its turn becomes more and more interested in Microsoft’s products. As Peter Chou, the Chief Executive Officer of HTC, said not so long ago, HTC is really interested in all Microsoft products, and especially in Windows Phone. Very soon WP-based HTC smartphones will appear, and – who knows? – maybe soon we’ll see a new and revolutionary HTC tablet based on WP and competitive with PCs.

Ah, and here is an interesting video about Windows 8. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. um..there are already a number of WP7 handsets by HTC…

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