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Why Is The HTC One Missing From Verizon?

In the month of February HTC has released its latest smartphone the HTC One. This is a device that received a lot of good reviews. However when it comes to launching the device it is yet to hit Verizon, the largest 4G LTE service provider in the USA. There are rumors of an arrival that has as of now have not arrived. However after a CTIA press event there is no trace of the device. Consumers are not aware about when the HTC One will reach shelves.


Since the beginning of this year there have been rumors that are surrounding the HTC One. These rumors have been laid to rest by the announcement of the Company in New York City in the month of February where the Company had displayed its new hardware and software for the globe to see. The HTC One is a phone that is not an ordinary one. It is branded to be one of the flagship mobile phones of the Company and it has some real powerful and attractive features. This phone is one that has a 4.7 inch display with a resolution that is 1080p. This device is one that is smaller and better looking than most of the other flagships that have hot the shelves in the recent days. The phone has a quad core processor that is a powerful one and its Ultrapixel camera is amazing. With it users are able to take and capture great photos in environments that have extreme low lights.

This phone also has two great speakers that are placed in the front of the phone. The device is one that is a complete metallic one that can be used with the iphone 5. There are features that are great and a combination of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Sense 5 that is new software of the phone. The UL of HTC is one that has not only great and powerful components like the HTC BlinkFeed and the HTC Zoe but it also brings to it a brand new look to the table.

This phone is one that will be sought after by many consumers. There are a lot of people that have taken the Sprint, AT & T, Sprint and models for T-Mobile. There are also others that are hoping that this coveted phone will be available on Verizon HTC One soon- the only thing that we need to do is wait and watch!

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