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White and Black HTC Windows Phone 8S

While Nokia and other Windows Phone devoted manufacturers (if there are such) are trying to make our lives colorful and joyful, there are other OEMs that come up with innovative ideas and stand out in this background. One of them is HTC, which has thrown the gauntlet to Nokia. HTC Windows Phone devices are even thought to sell better. A few days ago an HTC 8S was spotted in Having looked at the phone many people concluded it’s something new.  However, if you wish you can make any Windows Phone 8 device look so.

If you’re wondering what the deal with the black and white is, then you must be unaware of Windows Phone 8’s High Contract display mode. You can read’s post about how users can go to an all “black and white” theme including white on black or vice versa.

Users can adjust the font size for Phone, People, email, messaging and the lock screen and use a screen magnifier. This mode even allows users to use speech assistance for speed dial, call forwarding and announcing caller ID.

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