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What? TELUS Updating HTC Hero to Android 2.1

While the doubts whether HTC Hero will get the Froyo update, some of the users are even more unlucky they do not even have the initial Eclair version of it on their devices. I’m talking about the poor Canadian TELUS customers, who never got the chance to get an Eclair ( Android 2.1
)  update for their  gadgets.

And now the official website of HTC gives a clue that soon the customers will get the update. And all of this is being done despite the fact that soon the device might be discontinued.

The official update is going to select the following features: Android 2.1 itself, Google Maps Navigation, Multi-touch, Voice Dialer and much more.

And the only part of the update left to be learned is the actual date of the update release.

  • TheRevenant1

    Was anyone able to snag the file off the update site before it was switched to OTA?

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