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We are sure that the new HTC M 8 will turn heads

The HTC M 8 will also be known as the HTC One Plus or HTC One 2. The internet has been flooded with the snap shots of the new mobile phone that is going to be released soon. The mobile phone is going to be released sometime in the month of March. The new photos of the mobile phone came up on the internet this Sunday, the ninth of February, two thousand and fourteen.



The HTC M 8 is rumored to have two cameras and also a dual flash. It can be assumed that the double cameras will greatly improve the quality of the images clicked by the mobile phone. It is said that the second camera will greatly help in merge images with the help of ultra pixel lens. Moreover, the HTC M 8 will also have the feature of finger print scanner.  The addition of the second camera has its many uses in the way that the second camera could bring into better focus, objects which were going to be clicked. Apart from this, the finger print scanner present in the HTC M 8 is speculated to be even better than the one present in HTC One Max.


According to the latest news the EV Leaks on Twitter has mentioned that the new mobile phone will be launched sometime in the middle of March. The city of launching of the new mobile phone will be the New York City. The mobile phone according to speculations will have a five inch screen size. The resolution will be 1920 into 1080 resolution. Moreover, there will be a 2.3 Giga hertz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor. The HTC M 8 mobile phone will have a two Giga byte of Random Access Memory.  Further, the mobile phone will feature a five mega pixel camera front facing camera. Your latest HTC m8 will run on the new Sense 6.0 software. The phone will also feature Android 4.4 Kitkat.  Unlike the other phones in the lineup, the HTC M8 will have the software keys instead of touch buttons. The HTC M 8 is a must buy.

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