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Vodafone UK Cuts Prices for HTC One X and One S

Unlike the US, UK smartphones are launched via several mobile operators. So once a novelty is announced for UK release, be sure Vodafone will be in the list. We had the same picture with the HTC One line smartphones — Vodafone UK was one of the first mobile operators to get pre-orders for the HTC One X and the One S. Afterward, it launched the One V as well. Now Vodafone UK is cutting the prices of the One S and X making them more affordable for consumers. Honestly, the phones are offered for free but the data plan costs are reduced.

The highest-end One X is offered for free at Vodafone. Now the cheapest data plan for the phone costs £36 ($58) per month. It provides 600 minutes, unlimited texting and 1GB worth of data. The One S is offered for free as well but its minimum data plan requires £31 ($50) per month and gives 300 minutes, unlimited texting and a 500MB allotment for data. There is no word regarding the HTC One V but it comes with affordable data plans, the cheapest of which costs £13.50 ($21.5).

Anyway, this campaign won’t last forever; only two weeks. So if you want to get one of these handsets, hurry up as it will end on May 14.

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