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Vodafone Cancels Windows Phone 7.5 Update for HTC 7 Trophy

Though Microsoft is moving to another phase in developing its own mobile operating system, many people still stick at the older versions of Windows Phone with no hope to ever be upgraded. The Australian HTC 7 Trophy is one of those handsets that won’t get Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update. At least, we tend to think so though the carrier has made a provocative statement on this occasion.

Vodafone consumers have been waiting for this update for a long time. The carrier said the update would be rolled out but in mid September Vodafone announced about cancelling the Tango update for the HTC 7 Trophy because of a Wi-Fi problem.

Users still believe their handsets will get the Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update because the MCR3 variant was earlier tested at the carrier. Plus, the HTC 7 Trophy’s siblings have already got their portion of updates in the US. So probably Vodafone has cancelled Tango but WP 7.8 is in the plans. Any ideas?


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