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Virgin Mobile to Launch HTC One V This Week

The weakest One line smartphone is already out in many markets, but it yet hasn’t appeared in the US. As a rule, Americans like more powerful devices but when it comes to a $200 off contract price tag, everyone starts considering such a handset as their second smartphone. I personally do that way because it’s always useful to own a second smartphone for non-ordinary cases. Well, the One V can play this role because it is packed with many necessary features and looks quite acceptable. The only problem is to find a carrier or a retailer that will sell it to you. At the moment, I see no problem because Sprint subsidiary Virgin Mobile will be selling the One V this week.

UK and Canadian users are already enjoying their One V handsets, and we have gotten mostly positive feedback. Of course, the One V can’t be compared with mid-range and high-end smartphones like the iPhone 4S but it can sell well thanks to its pricing.

This is not official information, so things might change at launch. Most likely Virgin Mobile will come up with an announcement in coming days.


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