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Verizon Offering 4G LTE Global Service with HTC Fireball and LG Spectrum

If we trust the screenshot leaked from Verizon, we will soon get two LTE enabled global devices. They are the LG Spectrum and the HTC Fireball. Both devices will be launched by Verizon in 2012. They will be the first to come with LTE capabilities during global roaming service.

What else do we know about the devices? Well, if the LG Spectrum is known to be the first high-end device of 2012 from LG, then the HTC Fireball is a mysterious device. It got leaked only last week. Up to today the only thing we know about the device is the codename, which is ADR6410. The main hint here is the device stands somewhere between ADR6400 and ARD6425, which stand for the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Rezound. Apparently the device might have specs in this range.

The LG Spectrum will be identical with the LG Nitro HD, which is already introduced by AT&T, while the launch date of the device is rumored to be Q1. This means we should expect the HTC Fireball hitting the market during the same period.


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