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Verizon HTC Trophy Available via Best Buy Soon?

The Verizon-branded version of the HTC 7 Trophy has leaked in the website of the Best Buy retailer. I assume that so far there are no units of the gadget to be purchased. There’s a chance that this info will also lead to the early release of the smartphone itself.

The price tag of the gadget is $600 for the unlocked version, which a bit expensive. Hopefully this will not be the final price, as I don’t believe that lots of customers will be willing to pay that much for this device.

The code of the model — MWP6985 — once again confirms that the device will be released via Verizon. The HTC Trophy is going to be the first HTC device based on WP7 which will fulfill the WP7 lineup of the Verizon Wireless. The carrier seems to be the last one to get just another WP7 device. This is something that has been done by the rest of the major carriers around six months ago.

Just hoping that the release date of the device from Verizon will not be later than the beginning of May. Most likely Best Buy will also start the sales of the gadget around the same period of time. This might give a chance for the device to gain more popularity in the U.S. market.

Anyway, the HTC Trophy is one of the most demanded WP7 devices, which means that the success of the gadget should not be questioned.


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