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Verizon Focuses on Windows Familiarity in HTC 8X Ad

Verizon is a master when it comes to choosing smartphones and promoting them. Current Windows Phone 8 models are no exception. The Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC 8X are now available in Big Red’s stores, but it’s difficult for consumers to switch to Windows Phone 8, as they are obsessed with Android. However, Verizon is going to beat this stereotype by launching two video ads for the aforementioned devices.

The first ad of the 8X is titled “Ummm/Ohh.” The commercial introduces several situations where we can’t understand how to go out of it because of different UIs, therefore we say Ummm. So the best solution in this context is to use something that we are already familiar with — Windows Phone 8 — and we say Ohh.

Watch the video below. The black HTC 8X is offered via Verizon for $199.99, while the red and blue options will be launched in a few days.

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