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Updated HTC Flyer Tablets Coming in June?

We got the info that HTC Flyer will be distributed by Best Buy, but there are rumors that this will not be the only surprise from HTC. The manufacturer has plans to introduce two more versions of HTC Flyer. What is that for? We are not sure, but still there’s a chance that those will be equipped with the latest version of Android OS–Android 3.0.

The release date for the novelties has not been announced yet. But there’s quite an accurate assumption that this will take place sometime in June. The leaked pics of the tablet claim that Android Honeycomb is already integrated into the HTC tablet.

This means that the current version of the HTC Flyer will be removed from the market sometime soon. This version wasn’t compatible with a list of new tablets, which were sporting Android 3.0.

But I think that the manufacturer needed not only an operating system upgrade, but also an update of the display. The cool tablets in the new lineup will be equipped with a larger 10 inch display, instead of the typical 7 inch one. I bet that the larger screen tablets will get more of demand.

And this will give a chance for HTC tablet to become even more popular among the customers. Hopefully, while making the choice between HTC and other brand tablets, at least now the customers will choose the first one, since the main barrier is now removed. We just need to wait until summer, I guess.


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