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Unlocked HTC One V Already in UK

The One line era has begun. Recent weeks have been featuring the HTC One smartphones being launched in different parts of the world. Many European countries are already in the One net, others will join in a matter of weeks. One of those smartphones, the HTC One V, more specifically its SIM-free and unlocked version, is already available in the UK.

This time the offer is made by UK retailer Clove. This carrier-free handset costs £246 (about  $400) including the VAT and excluding the shipping costs. The phone will be available only in black.

Compared to the other members of the HTC One line, the One V is the entry level. This means it will serve as a great device if you’re either just getting accustomed to smartphones or are using the phone for basic communication only.

If you want to have impressive features as well, like quality images and video recording, then you should reconsider your options, as the One V comes with weak One line features (for example, only 5MP camera). Instead,  if you don’t mind paying quite a lot for it, then go for the HTC One X, which is currently the hottest phone in the market.

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