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If you have plans to use another SIM-card for your cool device HTC Magic, then the first plan to do is to learn about different ways of unlocking the gadget. The number of solutions is rather wide, which means that each of you will find a version to fit the individual taste. The options mainly depend on the network.

Some of the networks will offer you specific unlocking codes for the device; while the rest of them will give you only partial options of cable and software unlocking will be available.

The main disadvantage of unlocking the device for now is the fact that the free of charge version of it is missing. But there are a few cheap options and some of them are not even that bad, while there are a few rather unfavorable ones. The thing is that there are a few companies which do provide you only with the info of the unlocking process, while the actual actions are being left on your shoulders, so try to avoid this type of tricky companies. The main way to do so is to learn about what is being covered by the payment in advance.

Let’s see what the unlocking process itself is. There’s an unlock code which is being created for a specific device (in our case it’s for HTC Magic). It corresponds to the IMEI (the serial number of the device) and thus entering it to your device, it gets unlocked and you get a chance to use some other SIM-card. And just keep in mind that no hardware or software is required for getting the code.

There’s also an alternative method of doing the unlocking, the so-called unlock cable and software. It’s being widely used by some of the mobile companies and enthusiasts. This version of unlocking is being done with the help of the computer. The device is being connected to the computer via the cable and the software is being used.

Another option to unlock HTC Magic is via hardware method. This version will make no difference to you while for the enthusiasts it’s rather effective and efficient one.

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  1. HTC What a Shit Phone!!!! give me Blackberry any day!!!

  2. Blackberry is more off a shit phone!

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