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UK Adults Don’t Use Smartphones, Survey Showed

Major markets, particularly users of those markets who are already over 55, don’t show high demand for new smartphones no matter what cool features they come with. These are not just words. This statement was proved by an interesting survey made by

The survey’s official press release shows, UK adults who are 55+ do not follow the technology trends, and though the 37% of them own at least one smartphone, the 62.5% got the old smartphones of their children or other relatives. Thus, UK adults do not buy new handsets themselves. Moreover, the majority of them (58%) use feature phones, while the 4.7% of UK adults don’t have any handset at all.

It also turns out Android is the most popular platform among those 1268 respondents. It grabs 26.9% of all smartphones followed by iPhone (21.4%), Nokia’s Symbian (18.8%) and BlackBerry (14.7%). Oddly, none of the respondents owns a Windows Phone handset. But more interestingly, the 18.2% of respondents didn’t know or just didn’t care what platform their phones ran.

The survey also showed the 68% of UK adults use their handsets for making calls only, while the 18% send text messages, and 9% of them browse the net.

As for apps, only the 7% of the respondents use apps, and only the 3% have paid for them. But this should not sound strange considering the fact that the 78% of 736 people owning feature phones have said they don’t want to own a smartphone in the future.

So those awesome gadgets are not for everyone. Probably, it’s time to come up with worthy but cheap handsets, dear manufacturers?

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