Ubuntu for HTC Touch HD

After running Ubuntu on HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Universal developers decided to run the popular Linux version on HTC Touch HD. The result is relatively stable, there is support for Wi-Fi, but it is still far away from a full operating system.

- Touch screen and calibration
- Hard-keys (but many characters are not available)
- Framebuffer
- X server (window system)
- Wi-Fi
Does not function:
- 3D-accelerator
- Charging
- 3G
- Rotation of the screen
- Keys on the front panel
- Exit from standby

1) Download the archive (126mb) and extract its contents to the root of the memory card
2) Run Haret.exe
3) Rename ubuntuarm.img to ubuntu.img
4) Replace the file STARTUP.txt to this (if you need WiFi – then enter your MAC-address instead of XX: XX: XX: XX: XX: XX )
5) Turn on the WiFi in Windows Mobile and run Haret.exe

  • Bohdan

    Where to download ubuntu for HTC Touch HD. Cant find url (( Help me please

  • MyName

    where is the archive link ?

  • http://3arn0wl.wordpress.com/ 3arn0wl

    Very pleased to come across this 4 year old article – Ubuntu Touch on HTC One [Max] would be something else! Bring it!

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