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Top 5 Must-Have Free Android Apps

The Android Market has more than 250,000 applications to offer. I guess it’s really difficult to navigate through this huge number of apps and understand which are essential for you and which are completely useless. I hope this post about the best free Android apps will help you find the applications that you need for your Android smartphone.

So here is my list of the Top 5 must-have free Android apps:

1. Google apps. Google has many good Android apps to offer, Google Maps, Gtalk and Gmail among them. Google Maps (especially with all its new improvements including the 3D view for many cities, the Live Transit and all the other goodies) is definitely a must-have free app for everybody, especially for those who aren’t very good at orienting themselves. With this app in your phone you can go anywhere, and you’ll never get lost.

Gmail and Gtalk are not less important – with their help you can always stay in touch with your friends and relatives.

2. Youtube. This app is a must for all those who love watching videos. If you’re one of those people, you probably know that it’s not always really comfortable to watch videos via our mobile browsers. With the Youtube Android app you can watch the videos from your favorite service directly and forget the web browser.

3. Adobe Reader. If you’re dealing with .pdf files a lot, you surely need good software to read them. And which reader is the best? Right, Adobe Reader. It works quickly, it doesn’t make you wait for a long time before it opens the files, and the images it shows always have high quality. And the best thing is that the Android version of the program doesn’t yield to the PC version.

4. NetQuin Antivirus. If you spend much time in the Internet, your smartphone needs a good antivirus that will protect it from most of the online dangers. NetQuin is a free antivirus that will shield your smartphone from all kinds of viruses, spyware and malware, and you – from the nervousness and concerns they can cause.

5. Advanced Task Killer. Short battery life is a big problem for all smartphone users. We’re listening to music, playing a game or surfing the net, and then – oops – “battery low!” I guess you know that the main things that drain your smartphone’s battery life aren’t the apps you’re running at the moment; sometimes the apps that are running on the background are consuming even more. Advanced Task Killer is a great free Android app that can delete or disable those annoying apps that are running on the background and save your smartphone’s battery life.

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