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The HTC One will be available in all new dimensions

There have been very recent pictures and images which have come up on the web site of Twitter at the @evleaks which shows two kinds of covers of a flip type for the new mobile phone HTC M 8 One. But having said this it remains to be said that the lid of the mobile phone bears an uncanny resemblance to the HTC One Double Dip Flip Case mobile phone from the last year.  The lid in the present mobile phone is capable of showing the time and weather even when the lid is closed of the mobile phone. Moreover, the mobile phone of HTC One is really successful in giving a whole lot of guard to the HTC One mobile phone There are details of the new mobile phone which has seeped in from dependable sources of information that the mobile phone will definitely have two camera lenses which are used for the depth perception and also for the purpose of focusing on that of the picture to be snapped. The mobile phone of HTC One has the same 4 MP ultra pixel as the earlier mobile phone of HTC One.


It is said that the mobile phone of HTC One has a slot for the microSD card but such is the case that the mobile phone of HTC One does not have the chance to use a rechargeable battery.  The mobile phone of HTC One also does not have a removable rear back panel. Moreover, it also does not have the chance to have the scope for wireless charging. It is expected that the mobile phone of HTC One will be launched at a particular event on the twenty fifth of March. The mobile phone will be available in all the markets around the world in a range of colors from the most famous wireless carriers of the countries of United States and Canada. An extensive set of photos are available of the mobile phone on the local social website of a variety of countries. The mobile phone has appeared in a lot of benchmarks and carrier branding.

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