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The HTC One To Sport Fingerprint Sensor –Image Appears Online

The HTC One Max has debuted online displaying the extra large sized device alongside its smaller predecessors- The HTC One and The HTC One Mini. The image that has been displayed on the Internet has also display the device being equipped with a fingerprint sensor.


In context to the fingerprint sensor there has been a lot of rumors when it comes to the forthcoming Apple iphone 5S that also sports a fingerprint sensor. There is little news that has been revealed by the other manufacturers. So, this comes as a surprise for other mobile manufacturers as well that HTC is coming out with the fingerprint sensor first.

The HTC One Max is a device that follows the footsteps of HTC One and HTC One Mini. It uses the same unibody design made of aluminum and this time it has a complete 5.9 inch HD display. The alleged fingerprint sensor is a small square that is located under the camera port. There are no concrete reports on what HTC has planned for this digital identification panel that has a large number of potential applications. There is also other alternative methods via which you can lock the phone besides voice or face recognition, patterns, PIN numbers and passwords.

With Apple there has been a lot of talk on a fingerprint sensor along with a e-Wallet that is a remote payment service and it has no details on what has emerged on it so far. Now the question in this regard is that could HTC have something in the same lines planned for this device or any of its future devices. There has been the release of another picture where it has been revealed that there is a special kind of dock connector. This may suggest that HTC is all set to launch a accessory for data or charging soon.

As of now these pictures have revealed the above and there are no official confirmation on the above. There are rumors that HTC One Max may bring with it a Snapdragon 800 quad core processor and there is a chance of the unique Ultrapixel camera tech coming to the mobile phone manufacturer. The camera may be an 8 MP one and the device also will be available with a micro SD card. There are reports that this device is all set to make its debut at the IFA 2013 conference in Berlin that commences in Germany on 6 September.

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