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The HTC One 2 will be latest launch from HTC

The sequel and the follow up of the mobile phone HTC one is represented in the mobile phone HTC one 2 or HTC M 8. The mobile phone HTC One 2 has been given the code name of HTC M 8. The mobile phone is expected to arrive during the early months of the year two thousand and fourteen. The company hailing from Taiwan has just announced the arrival of the all new mobile phone. Though a great deal of information is not known about the mobile phone HTC One 2 it is expected that the mobile phone company will release new information about it very soon. The web site of @evleaks has come up with many pictures of the new phone. It has been decided by the Taiwanese company that mobile phone will be available in the colors of gold silver and grey. Information is that the new phone will be also known as the All New HTC One. The web site of Twitter at the @evleaks has given the people the first peek of the new mobile phone.




According to reliable sources the new mobile phone will not have much variation with regard to features from the previous phones of HTC One.   A system of dual camera is present at the back of the mobile phone.  Moreover, there is the presence of the on screen buttons placed in front of the hand set. The battery indicator has changed to an all white color in the new mobile phone. The HTC One 2 will be launched in the world on the twenty fifth in the month of March. The mobile phone has been given permission for use in the country of the United States of America. The new mobile phone HTC One 2 will be launched on the carrier by the name of Verizon, Sprint, T mobile and AT &T.  The new mobile phone HTC One 2 will include the features of NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. There will also be the presence of dual band 802.11ac Wi Fi. The mobile phone will still have the HTC logo which is placed below the screen of the mobile phone.


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