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Another range in the android functioning for the Smartphones is the Android 4.3 jellybean. Facing a lot of tumult with the market falls and other deficits, HTC had off late taken the initiative of introducing the Android 4.3 jellybean in their next releases, and keeping up with their words, the company did offer the customers with the Android 4.3 software in their last release, the HTC One. However as we are aware the software update was not initially introduced in the United Kingdom. Therefore the HTC One owner of UK couldn’t utilize the benefits. But the cribbing can now come to a stop as going by the reports, it is claimed that the UK HTC One owners will not have to wait for long in order to enjoy the benefits, and it is but just a matter of a couple of weeks.


The HTC UK branch has revealed as per the news of the twitter goes that the update will be benefitted by the customers in about another three to five weeks. However, no authentic date has been yet mentioned by the proprietor as of yet.

Taking a sneak peek at the Android 4.3 jellybeans’ history with the HTC One, it has been observed that the update had commenced from Taiwan, sometime in the end of September and then the update expanded its area being made available to the users of Canada, then AT & T and then Sprint.

But when will T-Mobile, a budding mobile carrier receive the benefits? As proclaimed by HTC’s President, Jason Mackenzie, the T-Mobile HTC One users shall start receiving the benefits of the Android 4.3 jellybean from the 21st of October. It may happen that the notification will not be received by some; in that case all you have to do is, go to settings, and then the “about phone” option, then the “software update” option and finally the “check now” option.

Though the UK users are getting a late benefit, but seems like the late benefit is bringing for them a double rejoice because along with the Android 4.3 the users will also get a “sense v5.5”. this software was originally introduced by the company for their latest large screen Smartphone, the HTC One Max and the purpose of the “sense 5.5” is that it brings along an improved blink feed along with small changes for the gallery and the other parts of the boundary.

Therefore along with the good interface, the Bluetooth LE and new day dream functionality, the update is worth appraisal.

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