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Testing of Android 2.3 and Android 3.0 on Nexus One?

The rumors say that the next “Smartphone from Google” will become Nexus S. But this does not mean that its predecessor will be forgotten. Moreover, for the development and testing of Android 2.3 and Android 3.0, Nexus One will be used!

Resource AIRBench, which gathers the results of testing of Adobe AIR-applications on different devices, has published information about the checks on the device Nexus One. The field of “operating system” presents not yet formally presented 2.3 and 3.0 Android OS, and the field “build” has build HRI783D, HRI83D and GRH47B.

The results of preliminary tests are rather interesting. If Nexus One with Android 2.2.1 “squeezes” 437 points, the Android 3.0 with a little less – 418 or even 330 points. However, this is just a test version, and expecting perfect results is not worth it.

Just below the table we can observe the Nexus One of Android 3.5 and 6.9, but those are obviously fake.

Suppose that before the arrival of skilled craftsmen, “faked” version of the OS, the information was correct. Then it may well be considered as another unofficial confirmation of the rumors, and the owners of Nexus One (and its brother HTC Desire) can wait for the firmware with new versions of Android.


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