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Test Version of Froyo on HTC Desire, HTC Dream and HTC Magic

The test firmware of Android 2.2 for the Nexus One became the basis for the security updates of other devices. Now “the frozen yogurt” from Google is available on the HTC Desire, the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) and the HTC Magic (T-Mobile MyTouch 3G).

The developer with the nickname richardtrip introduced the test version of the firmware as early as on May 28, but it contained many errors, and some functions did not work. With the last version 0.4 of Android 2.2 the device became almost fully functional. Currently the following functions are working: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data, Microphone, GPS, and Apps2SD (v0.2, install applications on the memory card). In the list of non-performing functions we can name only camera, but it can be enabled with a little creative manipulation: it is enough to establish an endless focus mode.
By the way, the result of the test performance is impressive — Android 2.2 on the HTC Desire surpasses even its “brother” — the Nexus One. A growth rate of operation in comparison with Android 2.1 gets up to three times faster!

As for the other Google-phones, the situation is a bit worse — the list of non-performing functions is still big. Among them are the Wi-Fi, camera, GPS, default wallpapers, sound and Flash support. And thus the devices currently can only fully perform the functions of the phone calls, 3G and sound regularity.

  • Msamiturk

    When will be Froyo officially available for Desire? When I search for updates in my phones settings, it says, that there are no updates for my phone. If anyone can answer me the question, I really would appreciate it. Thanks.

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