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HTC 8X to Support Wireless Charging, Verizon Doc Suggests

The HTC 8X is at your doorsteps, and if you have decided to switch to (no, not to Lumia) Windows Phone, then this device will be a perfect choice for you. More gladsome…

Verizon HTC 8X

Verizon HTC 8X to Support Wireless Charging

Seems Samsung is out of Windows Phone 8 game because every news we hear is about the HTC Windows Phone 8 and Nokia Lumia devices. This case is no exception — The Verge reports…

HTC Rezound wirelss charging

HTC Rezound Wireless Charging

The HTC Rezound is the company’s current flagship, so it is quite expected all the new innovations and latest technology achievements come to it first. And though wireless charging is not something new,…

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