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HTC Titan II at Walmart at Discounted Price

AT&T launched its two new Windows Phone-packed high-end smartphones on April 8. You can get the Nokia Lumia 900 for $99.99 on contract, if you currently have an agreement with the carrier, or…


Walmart Showed HTC Hero Instead of HTC Evo Design 4G, haha

We respect the HTC Hero because it was one of the first Android-powered smartphones launched in the US. Going back, we see the Hero was the modified version of the T-Mobile G1 and…


HTC Sensation 4G for $148.88 in Walmart Stores

Walmart started to sell the HTC Sensation 4G even earlier than T-Mobile! The sales were scheduled to start on June 15, but the early start of the sales isn’t the only interesting thing…

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