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HTC One X Has Power Management Problems

The international variant of the HTC One X was launched in Europe on April 5. The phone was thrown into different tests and each time registered shocking results. This model is packed with…

NVIDIA Tegra 3 usage statistics

Nvidia Tegra 3 Shows Shocking Results in Terms of Battery Durability

Battery derange is a most distressing problem for all smartphone users. I can’t recall any popular smartphone, which hasn’t faced such an issue. It’s mainly related to the network they are working on,…

Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark

Dual-Core HTC One X Faster Than Quad-Core HTC One XL

The HTC One X will be launched in different versions. Externally they will look identical, but once you go deeper you will start discovering the many differences, the processor being one of the…


HTC One X vs LG Optimus 4X HD

This year Taiwanese-based HTC and Korean LG have similar plans on conquering the smartphone market. I mean both smartphone vendors have announced their new lineups dubbed One and L-Style, respectively. The lineups are…


Quad-Core HTC One X with LTE Support Passes FCC

We have previously talked about the 3 different versions of the HTC One X, with two of them using a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor instead of the NVIDIA Tegra 3, including the one…

HTC One X and One S

HTC One Series Handsets to Be Late Because of Snapdragon S4

The new HTC One lineup features two handsets with Snapdragon processors, which can cause delays. Notably, neither the carriers, nor the manufacturer are at fault. This time we have TSMC facing problems regarding the…


HTC to Produce Chrome OS/Android device

We can’t say all is well with HTC, but the company is working hard and its afflictions give results. Although many geeks think HTC is the most successful company, it isn’t so. The…

Jen-Hsun Huang

HTC Quattro will Probably Cost under $300

When a week ago we talked about the probability that HTC will launch a quad-core powered tablet, it seemed unbelievable, as right before it the company had announced its first quad-core smartphone, the…


HTC Ville to Be HTC’s First Ice Cream Sandwich-Packed Smartphone

Recently many companies in the tech world have announced about their new products. The aforementioned refers both to hardware and software makers. We must firstly note Google, which announced the fourth generation of…

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