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Google to Launch Siri Competitor Called Majel

Apple is currently leading the smartphone market with Android. But Apple is in a more beneficial condition as its latest generation smartphone, the iPhone 4S has its own voice control assistant called Siri….


HTC Sensation 4G vs iPhone 4S

HTC Sensation 4G vs. iPhone 4S The HTC Sensation 4G is rated among the best Android smartphones on the market today. However, many others adamantly believe it cannot stand against Apple’s iPhone 4S….

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Ice Cream Sandwich Unveiled: Quick Feature Rundown

While everyone’s discussing the new Samsung Nexus, we’re thinking about HTC’s future…related to Android and all the “goodies” that will come with Ice Cream Sandwich. So let’s not lose time and see what…


Iris Is Siri for Android

Controlling the devices with voice is not a new thing. Especially Android developers were close to it. Nevertheless, it’s not been warmly welcomed by the users. Probably the reason for this stands the…

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