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HTC One Finally Unleashed

The latest offering from HTC to challenge Apple and Samsung will be on sale in UK and USA. The smartphone market is a very competitive market in the present times and it is…


HTC Wants to Produce Next Google Nexus Handset

Once a year Google deviates from its main goal of developing software and launches a smartphone called Nexus. Seems the tech giant likes this “game” and it will play by the same rules…


Sky Go to Be Available on HTC And Samsung Devices in February

In the near future several HTC and Samsung devices will offer their owners Sky TV on their handsets. UK satellite broadcaster company itself announced about this. Some time ago Sky Go app was…


HTC and Samsung Refuse to Use BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry maker Canadian RIM Company seems to be in a deep crisis. Gone are the days when BlackBerry was a sole royalty in the smartphone world, now it resembles a dethroned wanderer king,…


HTC Leads US Smartphone Market

Fall is a time of totaling all the pluses and announcing the numbers, which often seem surprising and unexpected. In particular, last summer the sales of HTC smartphones surpassed those of Apple. The…


Microsoft and HTC to Deepen their Cooperation

Microsoft will introduce a number of new smartphones running Windows Phone Mango in coming weeks. The software giant entrusted the creation of new products to such mobile makers as HTC, Nokia and Samsung….


HTC Leads Q3 Smartphone Shipments

Canalys released rather interesting results. The third quarter results showed HTC’s shipped more smartphones to the U.S. than any other manufacturer, including the local ones. This means the company’s surpassed even Apple and…


Microsoft Owns Half of All Android Devices

Microsoft takes the wheel in its hands. I couldn’t call it otherwise, because the company has signed a contract with Compal, an original design manufacturer (ODM) of Android-powered smartphones and tablets. This means…


Google Supports HTC In ITC Apple Lawsuit

Recently a lot of companies are paying attention to the intellectual property, trying to keep the patents used for the smartphones only for the internal usage. This is the main problem for the…

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HTC and Samsung to Raise their Marketing Budgets to Promote Windows Phone

Though at this moment Nokia is Microsoft’s closest partner in terms of Windows Phone 7, it doesn’t mean other manufacturers reduced the tech giant. Vice verse, they will give more money for promoting…

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