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HTC and Samsung to Attack Apple

The iPhone 5 is already uncovered, and in a number of countries it will be launched on September 21, while in the rest of the world on September 28. Apple’s new smartphone was…


HTC Evo 4G LTE and HTC One X Cleared from Government’s Custody

Can’t say for sure why Apple was trying to convince ITC of HTC’s violating its patents but AT&T and Sprint’s variants of the One X were banned and held up by US customs…


ITC Dismissed HTC’s Appeal against Apple

HTC and Apple have been in patent wars for a long time now. The start of their “fight” was given back in 2010 when Apple filed a suit against the Taiwanese company with…


HTC and IPCom to Return to Courtroom

Seemed HTC had closed the deal with German IPCom, which sued the manufacturer over infringing its patent rights. As you remember the company filed a lawsuit accusing HTC of violating its rights as…


HTC Claims Victory over Apple in a Patent Case

In the ongoing legal battle between HTC and Apple, each side tends to claim that victory was on its side after each decision the court passes. So it becomes really difficult to understand…


Apple Spent $100 Million to Prove HTC’s Fault in One Patent Infringement

In the wake of HTC’s growing activity for this year’s comeback, every single victory against its rivals becomes really significant. And especially if that victory is related to court battles HTC is waging…


Kodak Sues Apple and HTC

Kodak – what nostalgic memories this name arouses in minds of many generations. A company, which stands at the foundations of camera and photo evolution, now stands at the brink of bankruptcy and…


HTC Gets Revenge on German IPCom

While reading about multiple legal actions, in which the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is engaged, an impression can be formed, that HTC is always on the losing side. But this impression is deceptive…


HTC to Refurbish Phones Infringing Apple Patent

After the US International Trade Commission came finally to the decision HTC indeed violated one of Apple’s patents, HTC started thinking of how to deal with this situation. The solution was presented at…


Apple Scores One Point against HTC

Apple is getting one step closer to winning the legal victory against HTC and consequently Android. Apple has been gathering a positive experience in this area for already several years, as Samsung has…

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