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HTC Evo 4G LTE and HTC One X Cleared from Government’s Custody

Can’t say for sure why Apple was trying to convince ITC of HTC’s violating its patents but AT&T and Sprint’s variants of the One X were banned and held up by US customs…


Banned HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE Enter US, T-Mobile’s HTC Devices are Under Danger

AT&T’s HTC One X and Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G LTE were blocked by ITC — it had considered Apple’s application, which claimed the Taiwanese company infringed its patents in regard to menu settings….


Delayed HTC Evo 4G LTE Coming on May 23 According to Best Buy

Sprint’s variant of the HTC One X renamed to the HTC Evo 4G LTE to correspond to the carrier’s traditions was set to be launched on May 18. It was officially confirmed and…


ITC Dismissed HTC’s Appeal against Apple

HTC and Apple have been in patent wars for a long time now. The start of their “fight” was given back in 2010 when Apple filed a suit against the Taiwanese company with…


ITC Delays its Decision on Apple vs HTC

International Trade Commission (ITC) has postponed its decision on Apple’s case against HTC until December 19. We reported earlier that initially ITC was on the way to announce its decision on December 14…


HTC to Change Touch-Sensor Supplier

Apple’s deals are not as bad in patent battles as they seem at first sight. In case you don’t know, Apple’s products were banned in some countries, which is a serious strike to…


HTC Phones Can Be Banned in US

HTC continues its struggle to remain among the leading smartphone brands in the US. In fact, Nielsen ratings accord the brand the third place in the US among smartphone manufactures. But the company’s…


HTC Did Not Breach Patent Rights

Yesterday International Trade Commission (ITC) made a decision in favor of one of world’s leading smartphone makers, HTC, which was sued by FlashPoint Technology Company (formerly Apple daughter company) for allegedly illegal use…


HTC Appealed ITC decision

Yesterday we reported that International Trade Commission denied HTC’s lawsuit against Apple; the Taiwanese company accused Apple of infringing its rights in terms of phone’s power management and dialing functionality. Still yesterday neither…

ITC: Apple didn’t Infringe on Patents in HTC Complaint

On the whole, HTC is a quite balanced manufacturer, I mean it doesn’t overload itself with different suits, and stays away from all those jostles existing in the mobile world. But unfortunately it…

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