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T-Mobile Makes Amaze 4G and iPhone 4S Fight

If you are serious about smartphones and like to read tons of reviews and comments about a particular model before buying it, then you can get really tired of the huge amount of…


HTC EVO 3D Fourth in Consumer Reports List

Consumer Reports compiled a list of smartphones recommended for an average American. Noting certain disadvantages of various devices, Consumer Reports experts recommend purchasing a number of smartphones. They actually advised not to buy…


HTC Sensation 4G vs iPhone 4S

HTC Sensation 4G vs. iPhone 4S The HTC Sensation 4G is rated among the best Android smartphones on the market today. However, many others adamantly believe it cannot stand against Apple’s iPhone 4S….


HTC Evo 3D vs. Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Sprint is the third largest carrier in the U.S., which means its portfolio is full of high-end smartphones, moreover, it has joined Apple’s party and is currently offering the iPhone 4S. Well, let’s…


Iris Is Siri for Android

Controlling the devices with voice is not a new thing. Especially Android developers were close to it. Nevertheless, it’s not been warmly welcomed by the users. Probably the reason for this stands the…

T-Mobile HTC Amaze 4G

T-Mobile getting pre-orders for HTC Amaze 4G at $259.99

As it was announced earlier T-Mobile will be getting pre-orders for the HTC Amaze 4G starting October 10 and will be released on October 12. That sounded a little bit strange, because the…

HTC AMaze 4G benchmark test

HTC Amaze 4G Benchmark Tests Results

Starting from today T-Mobile is getting pre-orders for the HTC Amaze 4G, which has stunning features and is designed to offer a real competition to the best smartphones that are currently on the…


HTC Vigor and HTC Amaze 4G vs. iPhone 4S

The fact that Apple didn’t announce the iPhone 5, was the greatest disappointment of the year. Anyway a modified version of iPhone 4, called iPhone 4S, has been introduced. It comes with a…

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