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International Unlocked HTC Titan Getting Update

Yesterday HTC made two interesting statements — the first refers to the HTC Titan II, which will be launched on April 8 at $200, and the second one comes to the international unlocked…


Windows Phone Custom ROMs for HTC Titan and Radar Coming

Android-powered smartphone users are in beneficial positions when it comes to customizing. This term does not always sound positive as developers and geeks often go far and break everything in the source code….

HTC Triumph

HTC Triumph Already Available in China

We didn’t have even slightest doubts that the first Windows Phone handset to be launched in China will have HTC branding. That’s it, and though Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh OS will be officially…

HTC Titan removed

HTC Titan Removed from UK Stores

When the HTC Titan started hitting the shelves, almost everyone was sure the handset would become a bestseller due to its monster-sized touchscreen and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS. Of course, there are…


AT&T Selling HTC Titan for Penny

The HTC Titan II is scheduled to be launched on March 18 alongside with the Nokia Lumia 900. Expected to be available at up to $199.99 on contract the phone includes a rather…

HTC Triumph

HTC Store Accepting Pre-Orders for HTC Triumph in China

While Nokia and ZTE were struggling to be the first manufacturers to offer a Windows Phone handset in China, HTC got the lucky ticket. Where two are fighting, the third wins, right? Chinese sources confirm…


HTC Titan Mugen Battery Coming Next Week

The HTC Titan is a great device with most of the specs. This is how you describe the phone before you reach its battery. Finally there’s a chance of replacing it. This time…


HTC Titan and HTC Radar Available in Sudan

Finally second generation Windows Phone devices are available in Sudan. The lineup includes such devices as the HTC Titan, the HTC Radar and the Nokia Lumia 800. Well, the first two devices are…


Amazon Deals for HTC HD7 S and Samsung Focus

Winter will be amazing for AT&T customers, while the surprises don’t come straight from AT&T but from Amazon. This retailer store works in conjunction with the carrier offering great deals. This is especially true about…


Windows Phone 8107 OS Update Available for HTC Titan and Radar

Windows Phone 8107 OS update is not being talked this much just in vain, since its changelog includes many improvements. The first devices Microsoft will start with are the HTC Titan and the…

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