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HTC One X+ and One VX Features, Availability, and Pricing

Yesterday HTC announced two new smartphones; the HTC One X+ and the HTC One VX. The HTC One X+ is the enhanced variant of the original One X, while the HTC One VX is…

O2 flyer HTC One X+

HTC One X+ Spotted in O2′s Flyer

O2 UK’s leaked flyer reveals the key features and pricing of the HTC One X+. As the flyer shows, the phone is listed as “Coming Soon” meaning users can expect it in the…

tegra 3

HTC One X+ with Tegra 3 and LTE Passed FCC

Android Guys reports the One X+, which was recently leaked with its specs list, has passed FCC. In this respect, we are now more informed about the device. The HTC One X+ will…

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

HTC One X vs. Samsung Galaxy S III

2012 has been a game changer in smartphone technology and we have seen some of the greatest phones ever made landing on shelves. At the very top of the pile sits the HTC…


HTC One X for Everyone

What do you know about the HTC One X? Is it the best Android-powered device available in the market? Does it sport the best design? Does it come with the latest innovations and…


AT&T Launches HTC One X

The HTC One X was launched in the UK a month ago but because of issues regarding the production of Snapdragon S4 chipsets it was delayed in the US. Anyway, everything is now…


HTC One X in USA via AT&T on May 6

Europeans have enjoyed the HTC’s flagship, the HTC One X for a while now. The US version of the smartphone, which is bound with AT&T, has been one of the most anticipated devices…


Tegra 3 Quad-Core HTC One X Available for Pre-Order in Canada

Canada is actively working to bring the latest HTC One handsets to the country. The HTC One V was announced to be launched via Telus, while the HTC One X and the One…


HTC One X vs LG Optimus 4X HD

This year Taiwanese-based HTC and Korean LG have similar plans on conquering the smartphone market. I mean both smartphone vendors have announced their new lineups dubbed One and L-Style, respectively. The lineups are…


HTC One X Deluxe Edition Available with Beats Solo

The HTC One X is unique in all aspects. The phone was renamed three times (Supreme, Edge, Endeavor) before it finally got its name. It will come in different versions and names —…

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