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HTC Wants to Reenter Tablet Market

HTC’s attempts to enter the tablet market were not successful. The company used to think if it leads the shipped smartphones’ chart, the tablet market would worship it as well. Unfortunately, HTC’s success…


HTC to Continue Producing Tablets in Slate Form-Factor

The iPad ensures high sales due to its unique form-factor and features. This is why Apple’s tablet is the most popular in the world. Looks like the tablet won’t yield its position for…


HTC Puccini vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

After a long period of time HTC finally decided to introduce an upgraded tablet, which will not only change the tablet situation of the manufacturer in the market, but also be able to…

HTC Jetstream

HTC Jetstream Benchmark Test Results

Do you remember the HTC Puccini that has been renamed to the HTC Jetstream to be launched via AT&T? I guess you do. Now when it is available on the carrier’s stores, we…


HTC Puccini LTE Tablet Coming to Rogers Canada

The HTC Puccini has already been released under the name of the HTC Jetstream, but still there are rumors that the tablet will also appear in the market with its original name. Well,…


HTC Jetstream Shows Shocking Speed Test Results

The HTC Jetstream is the first LTE-enabled tablet released in the U.S. This fact sounds very attractive as the tablet was launched via AT&T (not Verizon), which is activating its 4G LTE network…


AT&T Announces HTC Jetstream

The HTC Jetstream, which was earlier known as the HTC Puccini, is going to be available on September 4. AT&T is planning to release this first Android 3.1 tablet for the U.S.; it…


HTC Puccini to be Released via AT&T as HTC Jetstream

Soon the HTC Puccini will be available from AT&T. And as usual, the carrier is rebranding the device to fit its strict requirements. First of all, AT&T renamed the device to HTC Jetstream….

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