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HTC HD7 and HTC Mozart Receiving Internet Sharing Capability

HTC has decided to launch a new update for its Windows Phone devices, the HTC Mozart and the HTC HD7.  Feels like the update is worldwide as there’s a feedback from at least…


T-Mobile HTC Radar 4G vs. HTC HD7

I think T-Mobile customers were disappointed that the carrier didn’t offer the HTC Titan. So the fact they will get the HTC Radar 4G instead, was not something that awesome or impressive. The…


T-Mobile HTC HD7 Using Mango Support Search Engine Choice Options

T-Mobile HTC HD7 which got WP Mango OS only recently gives a lot of chances for the innovative steps concerning their devices. Now these users can choose the version of the search engine…


HTC Mazaa as Microsoft Contest Prize

The HTC Mazaa was leaked back in April of this year, and the analysts claimed that we will soon see the release of the handset by Sprint. The time passed and nothing happened….


HTC Devices With Complete Open Hardware Platform?

Everybody’s waiting for the release of unlocked HTC devices to start using custom ROMs and to be able to join open-source communities. The patent wars with Apple are still a big problem for…


HTC HD7 Getting Firmware and Radio Updates from T-Mobile

T-Mobile decided to surprise its customers coming up with a list of unexpected updates. The first phone to get the update was the Dell Venue Pro, then it was followed by the HTC…


AT&T to Introduce HTC HD7S in June

We have heard many rumors about AT&T’s plans to introduce its version of the HTC HD7 known as the HTC HD7S. Now seems like these rumors are confirmed – the new smartphone that…


AT&T Offering HTC HD7S for $199.99 June 5

The HTC HD7s was announced to land to AT&T back at the end of March. There was a chance that the device would be released a couple of weeks later. It’s already May,…

fake HTC HD7

Fake HTC HD7 Found in China

We have heard rumors that a fake HTC HD7 hit the Chinese market not so long ago. And it’s not just fake, it’s double fake – with a fake Windows Phone 7 running…


HTC Push out Windows Phone 7 Update for its Phones

Currently Microsoft is doing its best not to delay the already postponed NoDo update, which is going to be the first official update for Windows Phone 7. This upgrade should bring many changes…

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