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HTC Desire Family: Full Portrait

Though HTC is actively promoting its One line handsets, there are other series worth attention as well. It firstly refers to Desire line-up, which introduces HTC in the low/mid-end market. Traditionally, HTC Desire…


Android 2.3.5 Update with HTC Sense 3.0 for HTC Desire S Available

The UK was the first to shelter the HTC Desire S. As usual, it was released via several mobile operators, Vodafone, Orange and O2. And though not officially confirmed by HTC, the Desire…


HTC Titan Hardware Review

Though AT&T didn’t announce the release date of the HTC Titan, the handset is already available from some of the retailer stores. The handset is just another awesome device sporting Windows Phone OS….

HTC Sense 3.5 on HTC Desire HD

HTC Sense 3.5 Ported to HTC Desire HD

We know the latest version of HTC’s own user interface, the HTC Sense 3.5, will be pre-installed on the HTC Bliss and the Vigor as well, but we’ve never thought this “wonder” will…


Three UK Pushes Out Gingerbread Update for HTC Desire HD

The HTC Desire HD was launched almost a year ago running Android 2.2, but even that time everyone knew the phone would be updated to Gingerbread as soon as possible. In February, 2011,…


HTC Desire HD and Incredible S to Get Gingerbread on Monday

According to HTC’s British division’s official Facebook page, on Monday, May 16, 2011, the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Incredible S will get Android 2.3 Gingerbread firmware update. The update will go…


HTC Sense 3.0 Available on HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD

As usual, the enthusiasts from the XDA Developers are keeping themselves busy. Once again they are demonstrating a new thing that is still not available from the official sources. A developer who calls…


SFR France Assuming Android 2.3 Update for HTC Desire HD Starting April

Android Gingerbread 2.3 has been released quite a while ago. Soon after that HTC announced about its plans to release an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread for its HTC Desire HD. The update…


HTC leads the UK best selling smartphones chart

There was an opinion the UK smartphone market is headed by the iPhone, but according to the last survey by uSwitch the Apple’s product is only the sixth, and the chart of the…

HTC Desire HD Gingerbread

Gingerbread for HTC Desire HD

HTC smartphones begin to get Gingerbread one after another. And though we have informed you such deal could happen but we didn’t expect so many handsets would get it so soon. Now it’s…

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