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HTC ChaCha Software Tour

The HTC ChaCha – the so-called “Facebook smartphone” – is the favorite device of almost all social network lovers. It has a special “F” button designed for easily sending messages and changing Facebook…


HTC ChaCha Renamed to HTC Status

The HTC Chacha is the first Facebook-dedicated smartphone of the company, planned to hit the UK market on June 17 via T-Mobile. The things are different for the U.S. market – first the…

HTC Chacha

HTC Chacha for AT&T Looks Different

The HTC ChaCha is currently available in only a few markets, and we are all waiting when this phone will be launched in the U.S. via AT&T by the end of this quarter….


HTC ChaCha to Get Stronger Processor

I don’t think Facebook phones will ever hit sales records and be in the center of attention of different news sources and blogs. But these smartphones will surely find their buyers. That’s why…


HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha to be available in the UK on June 17

When the Facebook dedicated gadgets of HTC were unveiled at MWC 2011, the first question which interested people was about their launch date. And probably the answer that they would be available until…

HTC ChaCha with Facebook-branded button

The HTC ChaCha is another phone with dedicated Facebook button. We have informed about two Facebook-button gadgets, the HTC Snap 2 and the HTC Icon. But this one isn’t a Facebook-bradned phone but…

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