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Is the HTC Rhyme for Females?

At the very beginning when the HTC Rhyme was still known as the HTC Bliss we used to think it’ll be the first Android-flowered device designed for ladies. And now that the HTC…


HTC Rhyme to be Launched on September 22 via Target Mobile

The HTC Bliss, which is designed especially for women, will be launched as the HTC Rhyme. I guess you haven’t heard that this handset will be launched on September 22 via Target Mobile…


HTC Rhyme aka HTC Bliss Renders Revealed

Earlier we thought that HTC was planning to release a special handset for women — the HTC Bliss. Then later on, when the specs of the handset were revealed, we found that it’s…


HTC Runnymede First Shot

Recently we wrote about a new Android smartphone coming from HTC codenamed as HTC Runnymede. Now we finally have the first shots of the 4.7 inch display handset. The novelty is rumored to…


HTC Rezound Getting DLNA Certification

The HTC Rhyme has received its DLNA-certification, and most likely it will be followed by the HTC Bliss. But I bet most of you don’t know that the HTC Rhyme got its certification…

HTC Sense 3.5 on HTC Desire HD

HTC Sense 3.5 Ported to HTC Desire HD

We know the latest version of HTC’s own user interface, the HTC Sense 3.5, will be pre-installed on the HTC Bliss and the Vigor as well, but we’ve never thought this “wonder” will…


HTC Rhyme to be Launched via Verizon on September 29

A few days ago we write that HTC had registered two new brands, the HTC Rhyme and Enamor. Now we have another information about the Rhyme as it has been spotted in Verizon’s…

HTC Sense 3.5

HTC Sense 3.5 Demo Video

Many people claim that HTC Sense is the best Android UI. This is why HTC is actively working on it to make its product even more popular. The latest version of HTC Sense…

HTC Bliss UI

HTC Bliss UI Pictures Leaked

Every time when we talk about female accessories, it turns into a conversation about pink, and when we speak about phones designed for women, we immediately think about pink phones. In this case…

HTC-Bliss-new-pics 1

New HTC Bliss Live Pics Leaked

We first heard about the HTC Bliss – the first HTC smartphone designed especially for women – in the beginning of May. Then the device disappeared from the horizon, and we even managed…

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