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Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Gather Data behind our Back

Some time ago we talked about the HTC smartphones that used to gather information on our devices and send it out. HTC pushed out an update fixing these bugs. But the nuisances on…


Android Overtakes iOS

Android is an open source platform, which helps Google become more and more popular. Contrary to this, Apple keeps everything under a strong control and it’s getting more and more difficult to be…


Microsoft to Cut Windows Phone Production Costs In Half

Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7 last year, and though it didn’t take everything from Apple and Google, this operating system took its worthy place among them. Now that the company’s launched Mango update…

HTC’s Next Acquisition, Any Guesses?

It doesn’t actually matter how good HTC’s business is, because the patent wars were, are and will always be there. It’s become common to see companies filing lawsuits against each other and requiring…

Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS: Changes within Three Years

iOS and Android are two opposite platforms and it is associated with the philosophy the companies advocate to. While Apple launches only one smartphone and one tablet during the year, several manufacturers cooperating…

Cher Wang

HTC to Produce Sub-$100 Phones

The world is changing every day. If still several years ago those changes were being caused only by men, then now things have changed greatly; women are also involved in that process and…


HTC Plans for Android 4.0 Sandwich

Google just announced the latest version of Android operating system. This version of the popular OS got the name Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Right after the announcement of the latest version of…

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Ice Cream Sandwich Unveiled: Quick Feature Rundown

While everyone’s discussing the new Samsung Nexus, we’re thinking about HTC’s future…related to Android and all the “goodies” that will come with Ice Cream Sandwich. So let’s not lose time and see what…

ITC: Apple didn’t Infringe on Patents in HTC Complaint

On the whole, HTC is a quite balanced manufacturer, I mean it doesn’t overload itself with different suits, and stays away from all those jostles existing in the mobile world. But unfortunately it…


Google Supports HTC In ITC Apple Lawsuit

Recently a lot of companies are paying attention to the intellectual property, trying to keep the patents used for the smartphones only for the internal usage. This is the main problem for the…

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