T-Mobile myTouch Slide 4G to Sport Best Camera Ever

Every time when words come to the phones equipped with powerful cameras, we remember the Nokia N8 that sports a 12MP camera. But we know the number of megapixels isn’t the most important thing in a camera — there are many other things we haven’t thought about earlier.

Now HTC offers its own cameraphone that doesn’t boast a considerable number of MPs, but has the “most advanced camera of any smartphone,” as they call it. I’m speaking about the myTouch Slide 4G for T-Mobile.

Before we talk about the features of the camera of the T-Mobile myTouch Slide 4G, I’ll mention other high-class specs we can find under the hood of this smartphone — a 1.2GHz processor, 4G support, a 3.7-inch WVGA SuperLCD display with resolution of 800×480 pixels. No words which version of Android platform it will run, but we can assume the smartphone will come with Gingerbread.

Anyway, the key feature of the T-Mobile myTouch Slide 4G is its camera, which, according to the initial rumors, should support 3D recording and playback, but this is not confirmed yet and we prefer to talk about those features that are official.

A backside illumination will help to get nicer pictures in low light.

When users snap the camera button a special Zero Shutter lag technology begins to record all it sees in its memory buffer. So when you push the button to take a picture, it pulls the photo from cash.

The camera also has advanced lens with an f-number value of f/2.2, which will help users to capture with greater depth of field.

Here is a bite from T-Mobile press release:

Digital camera features, including:

  • SweepShot™: Used to capture ultra-wide panoramic shots so that you can sweep across an entire scene in a single shot.
  • ClearShot™ HDR: Used to capture objects in high contrast settings so that photos details are not lost.
  • BurstShot™: Used to capture multiple photos in a quick burst so that you don’t miss the perfect photo.

As you see the T-Mobile myTouch Slide 4G has many advanced technologies we can’t find in any other smartphone, so most likely the company doesn’t boast when it says the Slide 4G has the “most advanced camera of any smartphone.” There is nothing to do but to wait for its final launch, which is expected on July. Oh, I forgot to say the smartphone will be available in two colors — black and khaki (or sand, call it whatever you want).


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