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T-Mobile HTC One S Handsets to Get Software Update Starting from June 4

HTC’s One series representative at T-Mobile is the One S. This phone can’t boast of the features its sibling, the HTC One X boasts but there are many amazing features that attract consumers. It’s a mid-range smartphone, which means you can require much from it but not everything. So there might be bugs, but since the phone carries HTC branding be sure the fix won’t be late.

As to the HTC One S, this smartphone was launched in the US via the magenta carrier at the end of April. As the HTC One X (and its modified version for Sprint, the HTC Evo 4G LTE) was banned at the US borders, this device was the only One line handset allowed in the market. Now that the aforementioned phones are entering the country, the One S must show it’s in a more beneficial position than the other One devices.

Probably exactly all this considered, developers have made a software update for the phone. As you guessed, the update is ready to be rolled out and in the near future all HTC One S owners can download it. But if you think the carrier will delay launching the update, you’re being mistaken because T-Mobile has already announced it will be pushed out from June 4 to July 7.

As to the changelog, it includes improvements directed to the overall stability, the camera app, Wi-Fi calling and the signal fluctuation bug.

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