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Sprint Launching HTC Jewel Soon?

Most recent high-end novelties of the leading manufacturers are unfairly getting either to T-Mobile or AT&T. This is why most of Sprint customers are being left without 4G LTE supporting high-end devices. To change the situation the carrier is planning to introduce a new handset right on the day of second anniversary of the HTC EVO 4G.

Last year the carrier introduced the HTC EVO 3D on this day and finally the rumors make us believe this year it might be the so-called HTC Jewel. Well, at the moment this is just a codename and the handset might end up getting released with an EVO suffix.

Apparently, the novelty will not use WiMax outdated radios and will instead use 4G LTE connectivity. And it’s rumored to have One X similar features, though this information is not confirmed.

The release of the new handset is expected to take place either during MWC 2012 or at CTIA 2012 mid-March event. The first announcement from Sprint during MWC 2012 will take place on March 1 as on this day Sprint CEO Dan Hesse is going to introduce their future plans.

If the handset turns just into a Sprint version of the HTC One X, then there’s no reason to delay its launch. But if it’s a brand new model, then we will have to wait till the end of the upcoming month.


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