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Specs Of HTC One XL Revealed

The HTC One XL is another version of the HTC One X with some minor changes to its design. The best part of this device is that is takes the best of EE’s network that is a 4G compatible one. This phone is considered to be the same at the HTC One X and there are just some internal changes that has been made. The phone has an inbuilt 4G radion and it has also altered the processor that the phone uses.


The HTC One XL is a phone that is now available from Everything Everywhere and the cost of the phone is £29.99. This is the contract price of the phone and consumers have to pay about forty six pounds for it over a span of twenty four months. This is the same price that the company is charging for the Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE . Now the question arises is how does this offering from HTC compete with Samsung?

The answer is simple. HTC has done a lot of changes to its phones and for this one it has made a prominent alteration. It has dumped the silver strip that somehow made the HTC One X look cheap. The beading over the display is now black and it also mixes well with the rest of the mobile screen. There are some experts that find this dark grey finish  a little boring. However this change gives the handset and screen a professional look over the other Android phones in the market together.

This device is one that is very slim and it measures 9.3 mm in depth. HTC has made attempts to avert the plastic feel that spoils the SIII to some extent. When you pick up this device you will find that it is very solid and very sturdy to hold and flaunt. The layout of the buttons and the ports is very traditional. This power button of the phone is located on the top of the phone and there are volume switches located on the right edge of the phone. This edge of the phone is very long and thin and they are very simple and easy to press. When you adjust the volume you will find that the phone tends to play a series of notes both ascending and descending that makes you understand that the volume is going up or down- this is a unique and attractive feature of the device that will please most users especially when on calls and listening to music.

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