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SIM-Free HTC One V Already in UK

Finally, we can talk about the smallest member of the HTC One family, the One V. It is now available in the UK market, so go ahead and play around with the device.

The SIM-free version of the One V can be ordered at Clove UK for £246 ($397). The only color available is black. The price is not very high, compared to the other smartphones but then again other smartphones have better features. The One V is only a low-end device meant for people who are just getting used to smartphones. If this is the kind of phone you want to get, you should choose HTC’s One line, particularly the One V. Also, if you don’t mind a contract with the carrier, then wait a little more and you’ll get a lower price on-contract.

One of the things we would like to keep an eye on is its functionality. As the handset hasn’t exceeded the popularity of the One X and the One S, its advantages and disadvantages have also stayed in the shadow.

If you’ve already purchased the One V, do you notice any issues or software problems? Pay attention to the battery life as we already know its two siblings have had this problem right after the launch.

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